Quality, Food Safety, Occupational Health and Safety Politics.

  • To ensure the continous improvement of our management, quality, food safety, occupational health and safety system efficency. Also, to ensure the compliance with the clients requirements, legal and intern.
  • To ensure every worker to incorporate the concepts of quality, food safety, safety, occupational health and safety, continous improvement and efficiency in the performance of their tasks, so quality and safe products may be delivered which compliance the national and international standards, satisfying the needs and expectatives of our clients.
  • To promote long time relationships with our providers and to support the commercial tasks of Desert King Chile in keeping long time relationships with the final clients, keeping an intern and extern effective communication before any change that may affect the quality and food safety characteristics of our products.
  • To do our productive activities with utmost respect for the enviroment and existing legal regulations in Chile, with an special concern in natural resources exploitation sustentability used as raw materials.
  • Through Research and Development, to keep leadership in quality and innovation of our processes, products and their applications.

Vladimir Aránguiz

Gerente de Planta

Natural Response S.A.


To develop products, productive processes and supply chains of natural extracts, rich in saponins, to design from them and in association with Desert King Chile S.A, innovative solutions of applications for our clients, guarding the quality, food safety, occupational health and safety and managing for a a continous improvement in the field of the applications.


  • To develop products from natural extracts with abundant active principles.
  • To stablish a supply chain for them.
  • To understand the needs of our clients and to satisfy them with innovative solutions.
  • To monitor and continously improve the solutions we give to our clients, using defined objectives and meassures.
  • To develop cutting-edge knowledge to differenciate us and expand our products and services.