Natural Response S.A. is an Enterprise devoted to the production and comercialization of natural extracts derived from endemic or abundant plants in Chile. The main challenge is to sustainably produce in Chile some high aggregated value products based upon national raw materials. (e.g: Quillaja, Boldo, Cinnamon, Maqui or Chilean Wineberry, Peumo, etc), taking special care about not damaging the availability of these resources.

Natural Response S.A has its technological foundations based upon research done since 1986 in the Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Department of the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) about the production of natural extracts from chilean renewable resources.

A first line of products has been the production of Quillaja Extracts. In 1996 an strategic alliance was formed with Desert King Internacional (DKI) enterprise from San Diego U.S.A. DKI has 15 years of experience in the production and sales of plant extracts, mainly from Mexican origin as the yucca, natural chewing gum and jojoba. Yuca also has saponins. That’s why the markets and distribution channels are very similar; in many applications, Quillaja saponins and Yuca’s are complementary. Based upon this strategic alliance, in September 1996, a liquid Quillaja extract of 15 ton/month capacity plant was built in Quilpue Fifth Region, Chile. 

A sustainable renewable resources usage has always been the company’s top priority, as well as the constant technological innovation. Both politics have meant that in 1999 the Chilean Agricultural Ministry has rewarded us with National Reward for Agricultural Innovation because of the sustainable Quillaja explotation work. (Merit Mention in the Enviromental Sustainable Process Category)

In 2000, as a joint venture between NR and DKI, Desert King Chile (DKC) is formed, which sole purpose is to commercialize the Quillaja Extracts, while the rest of the activities remain concentrated on Natural Response S.A.

Currently, NR produces and commercializes saponins derived from Quillaja for a diversity of uses. To accomplish this, the company has developed a process which uses all the Quillaja wood and not only just the tree bark (traditional extraction method). This allows to satisfy the saponins world wide demand exclusively with wood from tree branches cuts from the existent forests giving great value to a natural resource which is currently bound to destructive exploitation or simply abandoned. This avoids the resource destruction and adds value to national exports because a finished product is exported rather than raw material. On the other hand, NR is committed to the environment applying the “Forestal Sustainable Management” for the wood exploitation procedures, following the FSC (Forest Stewarship Council) regulations, besides also producing part of the products under the “Organic Product” seal (certified by BCS, Germany). The company also counts with a highly active program for “Forestal Tests” (5 hà) and “Plantations” (about 350 hà until now). Part of these activities are performed in coordination with the National Forestal Corporation (CONAF). 

Also, the company participates actively in technological innovation projects to study the best Quillaja culture conditions and the countless saponins industrial applications. Thus, from 1998 to date, the company has developed 4 FONDEF projects, a gubernamental entity which allocate money to Scientific and Technological Investigations, with the purpose to research all different aspects related to the Quillaja Saponins and its uses and applications, its forest management and many more with a total budget of $1.6 million dollars.

Natural Response S.A keeps a tight relationship with the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile Engineering Faculty, which allows to access all the most recent technological processes, the most top of the line extraction and purification of natural products technologies and to involve excellent students to the process, many  of them develop scientific papers and research thesis in this particular area.

There’s also a great knowledge in hyperpurified products manufacturing through ionic exchange and ultrafiltration. Speaking about analysis, our experience is vast in gaseous chromatography, mass spectrophotometry and HPLC. Among the company’s personnel, there are experts in construction and equipment mounting, particularly in Inox Steel, which allows to quickly escalate new production processes.

Quillaja storage activities have allowed us to establish an important contact network with agro industrial middle men, which facilitates the recollection tasks of new species. The company has consolidated its position in the Quillaja Saponin market and through the products approval from the world’s largest consumers in U.S.A, Japan and Europe.

To be part of great scale projects, as in the case of FONDEF projects, allows the company to count with a ever stronger technological foundation in the natural extracts area. Not only we know details of the extraction and purification, but also the direct application of finished products which allows a better understanding with the actual clients and the potential clients. The Quilaja (Quillaja Saponaria Molina) Extract production process was developed by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC) Chemical Engineering and Bioprocess Department, and it was implemented by Natural Response since 1996.

The Quillaja Extract obtaining process begins with an aqueous extraction. No solvent of any kind is used. The final product, be it a crude extract or a purified extract, in liquid formulation or in powder formulation is produced using only organic raw materials.

A HPLC measurement method has been developed by the company to measure the Quillaja Saponins which is to date, worldwide known and accepted by organisms sucha as FAO and WHO. The measures are part of a strict quality control to ensure the uniformity and quality of our products.